Personalised and Competition Program

Are you already for the ‘next level’? Ready to compete at CrossFit® or another Sport? Need a totally personalised training plan, designed specifically to your goals? The Blau Program ‘Personalised and Competition Program’ is be for you.

The Personalised and Competition Program is designed to get you faster, fitter and stronger using the CrossFit method of constantly varied workouts. The program is built with balance in mind, but drives you closer to your goals in the Sport.

  • Life Balance: volume and frequency are realistically managed across 3 days a week (plus an optional day). i.e. ideal for those who work full time, and/or have other commitments to commit to 5 or 6 days a week.
  • Sessions: each session is carefully prepared to ensure a balance between strength, skill progression/practice, and conditioning. Expect 90-120 minutes of training each session. The aim is to provide a truly balanced Strength and Conditioning program, but tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Conditioning Workouts: the conditioning workouts develop fitness across broad times and modal domains. This is the true CrossFit® method. Each session varies in both duration and the types of movement performed. As a result, the program delivers a totally balanced fitness.
  • Purpose: every session serves a specific purpose and contributes to your goals. We understand competition and we understand sport. The programs are therefore built with progression in mind, and periodised around your year, i.e. including carefully planned strength cycles, engine building, and tapering for competition.

The program is delivered to you using our great Trainerize APP. Download it for FREE to your mobile device, or use it on a web browser when away from the gym.

  1. Read the programming and notes.
  2. See videos explaining the movements.
  3. Track you PRs and record your workouts, and much more.
  4. Chat or video call with us and ask questions.
  5. Receive real-time adjustments to your plan based up feedback and results.
  6. Analysis and feedback of your performance data and more.

The Personalised and Competition Program will be completely customised to your own goals, or to develop known weaknesses. Become the Athlete and enjoy the performance you desire.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and ask about the Personalised and Competition Programs.

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