The Assault-Rx Conditioning Program is designed to take your aerobic conditioning to the next level.

There are 3 levels, each structured with 8 weeks of progressive workouts. There are 3 workouts each week, lasting approximately 20 minutes in Level 1, and a little longer in Level 2/3.

Each level includes a test week at the start and the end of the level:

  • Week 1 – Baseline Tests.
  • Weeks 2-7 – Progressive Conditioning workouts.
  • Week 8 – Retest.

This program can work either alongside your existing CrossFit or S&C program, or as a stand alone conditioning program. Sessions should be performed on different days, but can be completed on any day. We would not advise performing these before any other training. However, they can be performed as a finisher to a longer session.

  1. Session 1: Assault Bike Short Intervals.
  2. Session 2: Rowing Intervals.
  3. Session 3: Longer duration Endurance Workout.

Equipment needed:

1. An Air Bike of some description (Assault Bike) is preferred. However, a Ski-Erg or rower can be used as a substitute.

2. A Concept 2 rower or similar. Ability to count Calories and Metres required.

3. A timer

Follow along on the app. Check-in for each workout, so I can follow your progress online.

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